Why & How I started breeding Miniature Australian Shepherds

The Story of Miss Cloe

About 8 years ago, I lived in Tampa Bay Fl. and owned a Restaurant. I had a mixed breed big girl about 10yrs old,(Lucky). She was over weight and was becoming quite ill. The Veterinarian said she had inoperable cancer and only had about 6 months to live. He suggested I get her a puppy for company and that might help alittle. I did some research online and came across the Mini Australian Shepherd breed. I found Miss Cloe, a one of the most Beautiful Blue Merle female with 2 bright blue eyes. Both my old girl (lucky) and Miss Cloe fell in love with each other from the first time meeting. It was amazing to watch how smart Miss Cloe instinctively knew Lucky was not well. She took such good care of Lucky herding her in the yard and making her get up and exercise, and play with her, she got Lucky to loss 30lbs become more active and loved her so much that Lucky lived for 2 and 1/2 more years. I can't tell you what that meant to me. All my Friends, groomer, Vet, and others that met Miss Cloe, asked me if I would consider breeding her, because they would so love to have one of her puppies.

What previous owners of Aarion Miniature Australian Shepherds are saying!
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"Syla is a joy and we get so many compliments on her. We love her so."

by Chase H.

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"she is just so beautiful and smart. I love her so."

by Jamel T.

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